Prefab Homes: Top Designs Under 100K


Many people think modular homes are expensive, even small prefab homes. Little do they know that they can still have their dream 2 bedroom prefab homes under $100k.


We have listed the best prefab homes under 100k so you can buy one soon. We grouped them according to the number of bedrooms so your search for that dream prefab home becomes easier.

JJC prefab home
Source: JJC


One-Bedroom Prefab Homes under 100k

One bedroom modular homes are best for singles who are eager to have their first home. Since these prefab homes often come in less than 500 square feet, they can be attached to a larger modular building to act as an office space.

The Cayman is a one-bedroom prefab house kit with a single bathroom and bath. This prefab home is 399 square feet. Don’t be fooled by its small size. With its high ceilings and open floor plan concept, this prefab home looks and feels larger than it really is. The Cayman boasts of a larger kitchen, something that is uncommon to prefab houses of this size.

The Cayman prefab small house
Source: Titan Park Models
The Cayman prefab small house
Source: Titan Park Models

The Cayman has an optional covered front porch and optional bay, with a mono-sloped roof. The bedroom is located at the end of the prefab home, offering a more private space. This prefabricated home cost is around $64,900.

The Chic Shack is unique as it allows the owner to finish the interior themselves, making the Chic Shack one of a kind for each homeowner. The base price for Chic Shack is $35,900. This prefab house design is 8’ wide by 20’ long and 13’ and 6” tall. Insulation in the ceiling is R19 and on the floor, R30.

Chic Shack small prefab house
Mini Mansions Tiny Home
Chic Shack floorplan
Mini Mansions Tiny Home

The Chic Shack loft area fits a king-size bed and a twin-size bed for the guest. There is a stairway going up to the master’s bedroom and a portable one for the guest. The kitchen features a full sink, wide cabinets, a portable burner and butcher block countertops. The living area has hidden storage spaces. A sliding barn door opens into the bathroom.

Two-Bedroom Prefab Homes under 100k

The 2 bedroom prefab home is suitable for couples who are just starting their new lives together or smaller families. It is also well suited for people who dabble into many hobbies as the other room can be converted into an office or studio. The two-bedroom prefab cottage is also the right choice for roommates who want to cut back on their living expenses.

Big Sky 600 is a 600 square feet prefab 2 bedroom house with a shared bath. Big Sky 600 is worth $39,900 for the prefab house kit, which includes pre-built wall panels with windows, and exterior doors with insulation, among others. Big Sky features an open space communal living. The kitchen has a rolling island to maximize the space.

Big Sky 600 prefab house design
Source: Zip Kit Homes
Big Sky 600 prefab house floorplan
Source: Zip Kit Homes

You can add an optional shell kit such as 1.5-inch closed-cell spray foam in all external walls for a little over $1,900. There is also an optional interior finish kit that includes plumbing and electrical fixtures, cabinets and bath hardware, among others for $17,725.

K5 is 235 square feet with a prefab house design that can be customized to include a full kitchen or bath. The basic design for the K5 prefab home starts from $58.7k and can reach up to $79.7k to include an extension with bath and kitchenette. The K5 extended version features a 278 square feet area.

k5 prefab house design
Source: Kithaus
K5 prefab house floorplan
Source: Kithaus

The exteriors of the K5 is made of galvalume, natural cement board with corrugated roofing, which is upgradable to include hardwood siding and other corten corrugated roofing. SIP panels insulate the floors, roofs, and ceilings. The interior walls are made of white siding with unfinished birchwood with floors made either of natural bamboo or finished plywood.

Three-Bedroom Prefab Homes under 100k

Three bedroom prefab homes are best suited for a large family as this home provides ample space for the kids to use. Owners of such houses can renovate the bedrooms to create an extra space such as a  large office or den. A more than 1,000 square foot prefab house has a lot of hidden potential waiting to be discovered.

Carlsbad by Express Modular is a single level, 3 bedroom prefab house that combines the cabin style, the contemporary style, and the log style into one cozy family home. This modern prefab house design is 1056 square feet wide. It accommodates 3 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms.

Carlsbad prefab house design
Source: Express Modular
Carlsbad prefab house floorplan
Source: Express Modular

Carlsbad features wide and expanded living and dining rooms. The kitchen features a U-shaped configuration and is equipped with full amenities. All bedrooms are privately located at the back of the house. Each room has a walk-through closet. Only the master bedroom has an ensuite full bath feature. The base price for the Carlsbad is $57, 032 before alterations and customization.

The caroline by Discovery Custom Homes is a single level ranch style prefab home. This design has three bedrooms and two bathrooms with 1,276 square feet. The Caroline comes at a basic kit price of $90,000.  The estimated price for affordable prefab home kits like the Caroline can reach up to $225,000.

The Caroline prefab house design
Source: Modular Homeowners
The Caroline prefab house design
Source: Modular Homeowners

The Caroline would fit right in a rectangular plot. As you open the front door, you are welcomed by the 16’-4” x 12”-11” living room. The master bedroom is on the right with an ensuite full bath feature and a dual sink wash area. This bedroom also has a wide walk-in closet. On the other hand, the two other bedrooms, on the other end of the house, share the second bathroom.


There are many prefab homes under 100k that suit your budget and style preference. Are you looking for something more affordable? Then, you may also want to check our list of prefab homes you can build under 50K. What do you think? Tell us your thoughts below.

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The description of the Carlsbad says it is a single level. The picture looks like a two level. Is there a loft?

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