Prefab Homes: Top Designs You Can Build Under $50K


Tiny houses can just be as expensive as your standard prefab homes. One of the ways to reduce expenses is to order affordable prefab home kits that come ready to be assembled. This blog covers the six top prefab homes under 50k that have varying designs and components. You can check them out to find the perfect prefab home that fits your budget.

JJC small prefab home
Source: JJC


Cabin Type Prefab Homes Under 50k

Cabin style prefab homes are perfect for those who prefer the rustic vibe and the natural colors of wood or for someone who loves to bring the outdoors into their homes. Elements such as wood sidings, timber floors, wide windows, a porch, and stone-like pillars are often included in cabin type small prefab homes.

The Arched Cabins is an affordable prefabricated galvanized steel home kit that can be put up in your home lot. It may not look like a traditional log cabin but this prefab house can protect you and your family from winds up to 150 mph and 30 pounds per square feet of snow.

Arched Cabins small prefab house
Source: Arched Cabins
Arched Cabins small prefab floorplan
Source: Arched Cabins

Arched Cabins come in a wide array of size choices from 8 by 8 square feet wide to 30 by 40 square feet wide. These cabins range from $1940 to $22,300 with all upgrades but without delivery. A standard Arched Cabins comes complete with floor plates, a beam, insulation, roof paneling, and more. Upgrades can include a fireplace thimble, Super Span roofing color choices and R25 insulation.

Roving is a 154 square foot cabin type prefab small house with a walnut stained vaulted ceiling. A two-level tiny prefab home, the Roving can fit a king-sized bed on the loft. This prefab house design includes a cedar lap siding, three low-E aluminum clad windows, a custom-designed barn door, a 26-gauge metal roof, and an accent wall.

Roving small prefab house
Roving small prefab house
Roving small prefab house floorplan
Roving small prefab house

To protect this prefab design from all elements, the Roving house is wrapped and includes an insulated 2×4 wall framing. The kitchen is equipped with a butcher-block countertop with a stainless steel sink and an electric cooktop. The lighting comes from energy-saving LED lights, a composting toilet, a smoke detector, fire extinguisher, and several USB outlets.

Aruba is one of the newer designs offered by the company. Made of Nordic spruce wood, this prefab home features four windows and one double door. Aruba has a 211 square feet area and this is one of those prefab home plans that are suitable for the temperate climate with moderate loads of snow. This prefab house costs $10,450, excluding the $10,450 tax.

Aruba small prefab house
Source: Allwood Outlet
Aruba small prefab floorplan
Source: Allwood Outlet

Compared to other prefabricated house plans of similar designs, the walls and roofs of Aruba are 10% thicker and 1.7 degrees steeper, respectively. Aside from being a tiny prefab home, Aruba can also act as a sunroom by the pool, an office or just a place to relax.

Modern Style Prefab Homes Under 50k

The Modern architectural style is characterized by clean lines with minimal designs. You’d always find interesting and unconventional roof lines and oversized windows for this type. Modern style prefab houses often have wide and open-space interiors. This design relies on technology to work efficiently. Highly energy-efficient, this prefab small house style often uses eco-friendly materials.

R1 is a 2,000 square foot green modern house with three bedrooms and 2 stories. The first floor has a total floor area of 1196 square feet, and the second floor has 832 square feet in total. R1 can have two more add-on rooms: a garage and a suite. With the new add-ons, R1 is able to house a large family of at least 6 people.

R1 small prefab house
Source: Green Modern Kits
R1 small prefab floorplan 1
Source: Green Modern Kits
R1 small prefab house floorplan
Source: Green Modern Kits

The R1 has 3 standard bedrooms. The master bedroom with its ensuite full bath is on the first floor. Also located on the first floor are the powder room, the hall bath, and the laundry room. The second floor has two other bedrooms with extra space that can be used as an extra bedroom or study. The R1 prefab house costs $40,000 for the standard design. Add an additional $3,000 for the optional bath.

m-ch is an affordable modern prefab home with 190 to 320 total square footage. This prefab house kit can have one bedroom and one bathroom. Inspired by the Japanese teahouse architecture, m-ch uses European and Japanese fabrication techniques and concepts to deliver a one-of-a-kind small prefab house. The m-ch measures 266 centimeters by 266 centimeters by 266 centimeters with 198-centimeter ceiling height and a door which is 60 centimeters wide.

m-ch small prefab house
Source: Micro Compact Home
m-ch small prefab home
Source: Micro Compact Home

The m-ch can hold two compact beds with covered cushions. This small prefab home has enough space to keep cleaning equipment and beddings. A sliding table can be used for dining and it can cater to 5 people. Other amenities include a kitchen area fitted with electrical points, a double hob with an extending hose, microwave, fridge & freezer units, among others.

Melissa is a small modern prefab house with a total 1,232 square foot area. This prefab home has three bedrooms and two baths. This is one of the more affordable prefab home kits you can buy and easily install by yourself. The Melissa has thirteen pre-cut openings for the doors and windows.

Melissa small prefab house
Source: Shelter-Kit
Melissa small prefab house floorplan
Source: Shelter-Kit

The Marissa prefab home kit includes hardware, framing, sheathing, floors, roofing, and flashing, among others. The doors and windows are not included in the base price. This two-bedroom prefab cottage costs $48,900.


Buying prefab homes under 50k may sound impossible but there are many prefab home manufacturers that offer this kind of package. Which design of the prefab house do you prefer? Please tell us in the comments below.

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I would love additional information in the pre fab homes. I would like to build in GA. Do I have to finish the build or is that something that your company does ? How does the process work? Any additional floor plans ?


I would love additional information in the pre fab homes. I would like to build in GA. Do I have to finish the build or is that something that your company does ? How does the process work? Any additional floor plans ?

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