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As a professional container house manufacturer in China, JJC supplies the most affordable and best prefab homes for sale in the market. Buy low-cost prefab house and customize your cool modular homes to suit your needs whether for temporary or permanent structures. Opt for a greener alternative via our reusable, recyclable, and energy-saving prefab buildings.

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JJC Prefabricated House

The market demand for modular and prefabricated buildings is growing at a fast rate. You can accelerate project timelines and achieve greater flexibility in an economical price. JJC fulfills this demand by offering high-quality prefab homes with long lifespan, lasting for 15-25 years without spending a lot of money.

Buy the most affordable prefab homes from JJC, one of the best modular home manufacturers in China, and we will ensure your satisfaction through our affordable and customizable products. Increase your savings by lowering your operating costs and go for our modular homes for sale that are easy and quick to install.

Our steel modular homes use PVC, EPS, PU, rockwool, glass wool, single corrugated metals, Q235/Q345 welded H-beams, hot-rolled Z-section, and U-section metal materials.

Versatile Applications


  • Prefab cabins
  • Prefab bungalows
  • Modular cottages


  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Retail stores


  • Duplex modular homes
  • Prefab concrete homes

Temporary Facilities

  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Hospitals


  • Prefab farmhouses
  • Agricultural barns

Benefits of JJC Prefab Houses


JJC’s engineers will help you customize the size, type, and the materials you prefer for the wall, door/s, and windows of your modular houses to suit your needs.

Broad Applications

Since JJC’s prefab steel homes are customizable, they can easily adapt to your requirements in various applications from temporary to permanent prefab facilities.

Quick & Easy Installation

Compared to reinforced concrete houses, the installation of steel prefab houses, villas, and warehouses are easier and quicker saving you labor costs.


Contemporary prefab homes have recyclable materials eliminating resource-wasting and can be reused. They save more energy and have lesser emissions.


Aside from helping to promote a greener environment, the installation and the materials used in green prefab homes are far less expensive than concrete structures.

Longer Lifespan

JJC’s best prefab homes can last for a long time from 15 to 25 years under good maintenance. You’ll have sturdy facilities for long term use in just a few dollars.

Customize Your Prefabricated Home

Several container houses outdoors


All of JJC’s custom modular homes can be assembled in various sizes to suit your needs. You can choose to have a single-layer or multi-layer prefab facility.

Material used to make container houses in different patterns


Customize your prefab villa’s wall color. Choose wall materials from EPS sandwich panels, single corrugated metal sheets, or colour steel sheet with glass-wool panels.

The door of a container house


We give a steel or wooden door options for our steel structure villa. Have a sliding door or a rolling up door for your steel prefabricated warehouse.

Windows used to make container house


For the steel structure prefab villas and steel prefab warehouses, you can choose aluminum alloy or PVC material for the windows.

Easy Steps to Install

  • A closed up for a framework of a container house

    Step 1

    Weld the steel frame beams to the individual parts to form the skeleton of the facility. While the framing process is ongoing, you can build the floor and install it on the frame.

  • A closed up for a framework of a container house

    Step 2

    Once the framing is completed, add the purlins and girts to the frame to support the roof and the walls.

  • Material used to make container house

    Step 3

    Next, attach and secure the walls and roof into the frame along with the insulation of the building.

  • Material used to make container house

    Step 4

    Add interior and exterior finishes to your prefab facility. Install the door/s, windows, vents, electrical wirings, ang the plumbing system along with other custom components.

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4

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