Flat Pack Container House

Affordable flat pack container houses for sale in a trusted container house supplier, JJC. Made from structural grade steel columns and EPS sandwich panels, JJC container homes are built for enduring performance and versatile applications. Find your suitable container house design and build your own container house plans here.

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Designed container house with stairs under the blue sky

JJC Flat Pack Container House

JJC container houses are built with EPS sandwich panels at 50mm thickness, galvanized steel beams and columns.

JJC flat pack container homes come with standard stainless steel door, high-grade aluminum alloy windows, and magnesium oxide (MGO) board floor. Customization options are available for these components with advanced materials to choose from.

Our container homes are built to last for 10-15 years. There are many variables that will determine the longevity of the flat pack container home, but with care and maintenance, it is expected to last even longer.

Versatile Applications


  • Private Homes


  • Construction Site Housing
  • Office Facility
  • Staff Quarters


  • Disaster Relief Housing


  • Pop-Up Store
  • Storage Units
  • Rental Units
  • Warehouse

Hotel Industry

  • Express Hotels
  • Small Villas


  • Staff Housing


  • Temporary Scenic Set-Up

Benefits of JJC Flat Pack Container House

Free Consultation & Design Services

Visualize your dream home clearer as we offer free product consultation and CAD drawing service. This is exported to a 3D rendered image for a more realistic view.

Competitive Pricing

We offer our container homes from $1399 up to $1799 range. JJC caters to global consumers by providing quality and affordable housing solutions.


You can easily transport JJC flat pack container house from one location to another. Dissemble and reassemble your house anytime and anywhere.

Quick & Cost-Saving Installation

Our simplified building process helps you control your cost. You will save from construction time, labor costs, filler materials, and welding machine rentals etc.

Save Packaging Space & Shipping Cost

Our materials on the flat pack container house are detachable and can be disassembled to pieces, that's why shipping the materials are cost-saving.

Waterproof & Well-Sealed

Built-in drainage system to prevent water overflow. With wave steel sheet roofs and aqueducts in the columns, you won't need to worry about overflow or leakage.

Anticorrosive Materials

The steel plates and columns used in JJC flat pack container homes are galvanized, therefore its protective coating provides better defense against corrosion.

Neat Interiors

The interiors of our flat pack container house are clean and neat without visible steel parts. JJC integrates electrical system wiring neatly hidden in the skirting and the ceiling.

Customize Your Flat Pack Container Home

Detachable flat pack container house

Size of Container House

Flat pack container homes come in a standard size of 6 x 3 x 3 meters, but our customers may request for a custom-sized unit to fit their design requirements.

Material used to make container houses in different patterns

Wall Colors & Material

Select your desired sandwich panel finish such as wood or marble. Upgrade the wall filler to fireproof material. Opt for glass wool or rock wool for various insulation needs.

Doors used to make container house

Windows & Doors

You can change the frame and glass materials for your doors and windows. Luxury doors and windows are available for upgrades.

Container house with stairs in two floors

Floors & Staircases

You can upgrade your flooring material to composite wooden floors or concrete floors. Staircases and corridors are also available.

Easy Steps to Install

  • Framework of a container house outdoors

    Step 1

    Conduct a pre-installation inspection by choosing a suitable location. It is recommended to lay out a flat cement foundation.

  • Two worker making a container house

    Step 2

    Install the mainframe starting on the main skeleton, sub-beams, bottom sub-beams, and top sub-beams. Conduct a framework correction after setting up the water flow pipeline.

  • A closed up of a container house

    Step 3

    Seal the waterproof junction, roofing edges with glue to prevent water leakage.

  • Ceiling of a container house made of cloth

    Step 4

    Pave fiberglass wool for roofing and install roofing steel sheet tile.

  • Material used to make container houses

    Step 5

    Install sandwich wall panels and the flooring boards. Install top, angle hemming and steel sheet ceiling.

  • Power switch on the wall

    Step 6

    Once the outfit of the electrical system is done, inspect, glue and seal windows, bottom panels, and edges.

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4
  • Step 5
  • Step 6

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