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Get your portable washrooms or restrooms for all applications from JJC’s portable toilets for sale at affordable prices. Enjoy the benefits of our environment-friendly and durable products that can last up to 10 years. Customize your mobile bathrooms to fit your project needs.

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Eight EPS Portable toilets in front the high buildings outdoors

JJC Portable Restroom

Mobile bathrooms offer a practical and reliable solution for all applications requiring a convenient onsite sanitation. JJC, a portable bathroom manufacturer and mobile toilet supplier, has assorted options of affordable portable bathrooms for sale are ideal for every use as they are customizable to suit the different needs of our customers.

Our mobile toilets in various colors and patterns are made of steel structure, EPS sandwich panels, and aluminium floor except for our plastic portable toilet made of HDPE. Our products are assembled by screws and bolts instead of welding so two people can finish assembling one unit within one hour.

Our portable restrooms for sale are composed of these major components: toilet bowl, shower, holding tank, flushing mechanism, and drainage system.

Versatile Applications


  • Portable urinals for
    workers' quarters


  • Mobile toilets for
    large-scale activities


  • Portable outhouses for
    highways, airports,


  • Portable sanitation for
    onsite projects


  • Mobile washroom for
    tourist attractions


  • Mobile bathrooms for

Benefits of JJC Mobile Bathrooms

Competitive Price

JJC’s portable toilets are most economic ones in China with prices from 209 USD to 269 USD only for 54 to 70 units as we use inexpensive but sturdy materials for our products.

Low Shipping Costs

You’ll get low shipping costs when you buy in bulk quantities from us. One 20-feet container can load up to 25 toilet units while 40HQ ones can load up to 55.

High Load Capacity

We reinforce our portable toilets with durable steel bases made of welding angle irons with 2.55 mm thickness. The toilet can handle heavy loads of up to 100 kilograms.

Anti-Rust Materials

The four columns and door edge of the portable toilets are made from aluminum alloy materials with anti-rust properties to avoid wearing and tearing.

Damage Resistant Wash Basin

We use stainless steel materials for the wash basins in elegant designs to prevent rusting and increase durability because they are unbreakable.

Long Service Life

The environment-friendly toilet materials are UV-proof and can last for more than 10 years even when exposed under direct sunlight exposure.

Customize Your Mobile Restroom

Several EPS Portable toilets outdoors

Size of the Toilet

JJC’s dimensional mobile toilets are available in standard sizes but you can customize them if you have other requirements to make it suit your installation area’s space.

Material used to make container houses in different patterns

Walls of the Toilet

Customize the color of your toilet’s sandwich panels to complement the design of your area. Choose the materials you want to use for insulating your toilets.

Spray washer

Toilet Accessories

Choose a squat or flat toilet along with other accessories made from ceramic or stainless steel such as faucets, basins, exhaust fan, soap dispenser, and toilet paper roller.


Structure of the Pipeline

Customize the structure of the toilet pipeline and add an optional ventilation pipe along with shower and floor drains in the outlet pipe or waste tank.

Easy Steps to Install

  • Step 1

    Install one of the four toilet walls containing the front door by inserting it into the angle steel at the base of the toilet.

  • Two worker making a container house

    Step 2

    Insert the two alloy columns in the angle steel base. Make sure the wooden ends of the columns are facing upwards.

  • A closed up of a container house

    Step 3

    Install the three remaining side walls then put aluminum alloy covers for the two walls.

  • Ceiling of a container house made of cloth

    Step 4

    Drill holes on the parts where you are going to install rivets to fasten the walls to the base and the alloy columns.

  • Material used to make container houses

    Step 5

    Install the two side shutters made from aluminum angle covers before placing the roof. Fasten the roof to the wooden ends of the alloy columns using long bolts.

  • Power switch on the wall

    Step 6

    Install the door locker, light, exhaust fan, wash basin, and pipe.

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4
  • Step 5
  • Step 6

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