Detachable flat pack container house
Detachable Flat Pack Container House in the open air2
Detachable Flat Pack Container House in the open air
inside a Detachable Shipping Container House
Detachable flat pack container house
Detachable Flat Pack Container House in the open air2
Detachable Flat Pack Container House in the open air
inside a Detachable Shipping Container House

Detachable Flat Pack Container House

Get our latest and updated container home, with JJC’s detachable flat pack container house. This container house has improved quality and structure and has upgraded the materials in order to add more value to our customers.

  • High quality product at a competitive price
  • Sturdy structure with thicker wall panels & reinforced beams
  • Variety of customization options tailored to your needs
  • Weather-resistant: waterproof & anti-corrosive materials
  • Hassle-free installation: easy to assemble / disassemble
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Key Features

Reinforced galvanized structural steel beams

High-grade aluminum windows, steel doors, MGO flooring

Optimized water flow management

Walls and ceiling from thickened EPS panels

Technical Specs

Product Type Detachable Flat Pack Container House
Color White column, white panels
Dimension (LxWxH) 6m x 3m x 2.85m
Material Q235 structural steel, EPS Sandwich Panels
Door type, color 0.83m x 2.1m, steel door,white color
Wall thickness, material 50mm, EPS sandwich panel
Window dimension (LxW), material 0.95m x 1m, aluminum alloy/plastic steel
Floor material Magnesium oxide Board

Customization Options

  • 01

    Size Your Unit

    Specify length x width x height of the unit(Standard size:6*3*2.85 meter); Identify wall partition location.

  • 02

    Select Material & Color

    Custom select the color, material, and the look of your home with our 3D drawing and rendering service, free of charge.

    Steel Structure Beams (Standard: White)

    – Available colors: grey

    – 2.5mm galvanized steel (2.7mm after painting)

    EPS Wall Panel (Standard: White)

    – Different solid colors are available

    – Different finishes are available:

    – Wooden

    – Marble

    – Different insulation materials are available:

    – Fireproof insulation

    – Glass wool

    – Rock wool

    – Polyurethane

    Roofing (Standard: steel roof tiles)

    – 0.426mm Steel wave roof tiles

    – two slop with triangular structure roof is available

    Flooring (Standard: MGO Board)

    – Composite wood floor

    – Solid wood floor

    – Cement floor

    – Vinyl floor

    – Glass fiber magnesium board

    Ceiling (Standard: iron ceiling)

    – 0.426mm iron ceiling

  • 03

    Choose Your Accessories

    Give your home some flair by styling its accessories.

    Doors (Standard: steel door)

    – glass door

    – high-grade steel door

    – double doors


    – Mid-tier to luxury windows are available

  • 04

    Review Your Electrical & Plumbing Plan

    Discuss the desired functionality of your home with us.

    – electrical wiring lines

    – electrical outlet and socket location

    – lighting

    – air-conditioning

    – plumbing lines

Choose JJC Detachable Flat Pack Container House Because:

  • It's sturdier and more durable.

    Our updated detachable flat pack container house are redesigned with upgraded materials to withstand more load. The new and improved design is sturdier and more durable.

    The EPS panel walls are thicker, metal upgraded from 0.276mm to 0.326mm, EPS density upgraded from 8kg to 10kg,and all the beams and  purlin are rust-proof with galvanized steel bar sheets. The secondary beams and supports are structurally reconfigured.

    steel bar sheets
  • It's convenient for installation.

    Conveniently install our flat pack modular container house with its all bolt assembly. No welding works are required and no heavy machinery needed for construction.

    This translates to savings on labor cost and rental cost. You can install 3-5 units by two people per day with no forklift involved.

    workers assembling a container house frame
  • It's saving shipping cost.

    Reduce your shipping cost as the materials for our flat pack homes are sized to fit on standard shipping containers. The flat pack unit is detachable and can be disassembled into pieces. A 20-footer shipping container can fit up to six (6) units.

    Detachable shipping container loading
  • It's flexible and customizable.

    Get creative and enjoy the flexibility of our flat pack modular house. These units can be stacked and arranged together according to your preference and design aesthetic.

    This modular feature makes expansion easier and less costly. The house components like the doors, windows, and flooring can be custom selected too according to application.

    module container homes stacked together


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