Top 5 Prefab Home Containers in Washington


Today, prefab home containers have become more pervasive. They have been reflecting ideals, personalities, and creativity of homeowners and container home suppliers. It may be challenging for some builders to design and transform a shipping container. But, if you will see the prefab home containers in Washington, you would be in awe!


Washington has permitted and made home containers legal for occupancy. Albeit, it is a relief to know that you have a choice between traditional homes and prefab container houses. If you are more interested in building a home container in Washington, we have a list for you. Get a view of the top prefab home containers found in Washington!

Prefab Home Containers by JJC Houses
Source: JJC

The upsurge of building homes from prefab shipping containers challenged home builders to create exquisite home containers. Thus, these owners of home containers in Washington give inspiration to future homeowners to creatively build a prefab house.


Container Unit by Travis Price Architects

Travis Price constructed their project Container Unit in the neighborhood of Edgewood, Washington. Their shipping container unit offers about 300 square feet of living space which is sizable for a horizontal or vertical living space. The concept of the home container house originates from the Bauhaus movement which influenced its geometric aesthetic design.

Container Unit in Washington
Source: MarketWatch

Travis Price Architects used 9-foot tall floor-to-ceiling windows or split-sliding doors. This project is sustainably promising as it cuts energy consumption with its energy-efficient entranceway and floor-to-ceiling windows. Moreover, it freely welcomes air, natural light, and beautiful scenery.

Travis Price Architecture does not only offer single residential units. The owner of the firm, Travis Price, knows Washington desperately needs affordable housing solutions. Thus, his architectural firm created apartment complexes.

Sea Housing at Washington, DC
Source: Travis Price Architects

The Sea Container Housing is a four-story building. Each floor has 6 bedrooms for occupancy that has its own bathroom. There is a common dining area, kitchen, and living room on each floor. It aids the solution for housing insufficiency. As Travis Price proves to be environmentally conscious. Each floor is well-lit with its floor-to-ceiling windows and each bedroom has a window to invite natural and sufficient light.

It was in 2003 when Hybrid Architecture started to compete in building homes from shipping containers. They were persistent to build and design an efficient abode with the use of containers. The concept of this project is a floating box over a solid concrete base. Thus, they made the View Box project.

View Box Project
Source: Hybrid Architecture Portfolio

The View Box project portrays a warm and retro exterior design that gets the attention of passersby. The property is a three-floor unit made of piled old shipping containers. The first floor or ground level is a garage or basement. It is approximately 36 square meters to accommodate your vehicle.


Its second and third floors are installed with high-ceiling windows and sheet metal shack. Its narrow facade on the second floor controls the natural light that gets in. Overall, the scenery of the View Box project is spruced up by the additional courtyard and stairs.

Starter Home of a Delridge Resident

A Delridge resident, Julianna Carlson, decided to settle in a home container which makes it a completely unique house in her neighborhood. The expensive price range of conventional homes pushed her to build her home from a shipping container, and she took the leap. Without any background in architecture, she made a sketch of her desired abode from shipping containers.

Carlson’s Abode
Source: Seattle Mag

Julianna Carlson designed her 20-foot home container in a way that she can expand for another shipping container. She used six shipping containers for her starter home. Four containers for the ground floor and two at the top. After she finished her tiny abode, she realized she only spent 70 percent compared to buying a conventional house.


The interior design is a warm and welcoming nautical theme that maximized her 1,000 square feet home. Her container house has a master’s bedroom with a walk-in closet. She has a petite main-level bathroom, and a modern-looking kitchen and dining room. Moreover, there’s an outdoor patio to entertain guests, yet she made sure she can welcome them inside her home, too. So, she relied on portable furniture.

Coates Design Architects constructed a sophisticated industrial home container in Washington that fits the personality of the homeowners. This modern industrial home project by Coates Design Architects is an ideal transformation of a shipping container. It shows a luxurious home does not need to be expensive.

Ecopak House by Coates Design
Source: One Kindesign

In this case, the Ecopak is designed for musical homeowners. The ambiance of their home resonates with the aura of music experts. It nestles abundant sunshine making it special for the homeowners while playing their musical instruments. It has a spacious living room for the grand piano to occupy. The kitchen and dining room have a bold and playful setup. The house has two spacious bedrooms that offer a serene retreat with the environment’s peaceful scenery.


The need or want to build a shipping home container in Washington can now be realized. We wish that this list of prefab home containers found in Washington will give you an idea of how to design yours! If you’re looking to build a container house take a look at its pros and cons before making a decision.

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