Top 5 Container House Designs in Los Angeles


As the years go by, container homes are expected to rise in the market. Future homeowners have become interested in these building blocks with their eco-friendly, inexpensive, and aesthetic features. Many residents from the United States, including homeowners in Los Angeles, are checking out these prefabricated homes.


Los Angeles is one of the many states and counties in the United States to enjoy the legality of owning a container house. With this, you will feel the excitement of owning a home container in Los Angeles.

Source: JJC Houses
Source: JJC

Have you ever set foot inside a container house? You will be amazed by how the interior design, proportion, and division of rooms are taken into consideration. Take a look at the space-efficient floor plans behind the different styles of container homes in Los Angeles.


The Road Runner is accounted for with a total of 1,000 square feet. It welcomes a warm and natural light through its glass windows. Moreover, its translucent glass doors also provide soft natural light while giving homeowners a sense of privacy.

Road Runner Model
Source: Office of Mobile Design

Office of Mobile Design built the house with a master bedroom, master bath, and laundry room. Moreover, it has a modernized living room, kitchen and dining area bringing life to the container house. Lastly, the homeowners enjoy an outdoor spa and shower. It is the perfect place in the house for yoga and meditation.

About Mobile Design

The architectural firm of Mobile Design puts their attention on structures that are transportable, efficient, and sustainable. They offer services that range from residential homes to commercial buildings. Their work along with technological advancements have created more efficient and nimble houses with prefabricated home containers.

It is a great place to live or take a long vacation in Los Angeles. The Aegen 640 is a small, modest home with a strong architectural statement. It is a 640 square feet container house in Los Angeles with 1 bedroom and bathroom.

Model House Aegen 640
Source: Dwell

The kitchen and dining area is spacious in Aegen 640. More so, you can entertain your guests in the living room. There is a side elevation for the cover porch or deck. Also, on the other side is a carport.

About Logical Homes

Logical Homes envisioned the needs of the people by providing housing solutions. They recycle materials to uphold environmentally conscious designs and cost-efficient housing solutions. Moreover, they bring value to their client’s ideas.

There is nothing more relaxing and being embraced by nature. The G640 Model of Giant Containers is perfect to build in a place where you can feel the breeze from the trees. Aside from enjoying the beauty of nature, you are helping the environment by reusing shipping containers.

House Model G640
Source: Dwell

The G640 House Model of Giant Containers is 640 square feet big. It has 2 bedrooms, you can have a master’s bedroom and a studio room. Meanwhile, it occupies 1 bathroom, a spacious kitchen and dining area, and a welcoming living room.

About Giant Containers

Giant Containers offer prefabricated modules that are perfect for residential, retail, industrial, and commercial purposes. They are cost-effective solutions for future homeowners and business owners. Their designs are custom designed by their clients with their expert team to guide, or their clients can have the stock product. They help their clients bring their idea to reality anywhere around the globe.

Along the east side of Los Angeles, James Whitaker built a striking wild shipping container home. The wild shipping container has an exquisite concept resembling a spiky sea anemone. The designer made the 2,153 square feet house for a film producer client.

Joshua Tree Residence
Source: Whitaker Studio

The interior of the wild shipping container house is quite extraordinary. It has two bedrooms and a bathroom. The living space of this container house is quite spacious. Moreover, its interiors are well-rendered with few yet lively furnishings making it perfect for a vacation house.

About Whitaker Studio

Whitaker Studio is an exemplary architectural firm that makes impossible projects possible. The company constantly improves its projects by implementing different styles or discovering new styling methods.

Young, future homeowners are into affordable and off-the-grid housing solutions. House containers are the solution. Sustainable Building Council has built various sizes of home containers. Moreover, they made sure the shipping containers they use are free from harmful materials.

1,246 square foot ArcSpace
Source: Los Angeles Times

The ArcSpace project is built with four shipping containers making it 1,240 square feet. Moreover, the Sustainable Building Council envisions its housing module will become high-rising within 5 to 10 years.

About Sustainable Building Council

ArcSpace is grounded in providing cost-efficient housing solutions as they create low-cost and fast-built shipping container homes. Their builders set to resist and combat natural disasters that may happen in Los Angeles.

Final Thoughts

Container houses in Los Angeles have become legal. Thus, it can be one of the solutions for those who need sustainable and cost-efficient homes. We hope we were able to give you some ideas of prefab house designs so you can choose the one you like.

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