7 Reasons Why Prefab Homes Are Better


Prefab homes of today are not what they used to be. In the past, these homes had a reputation for being low quality and difficult to sell. But all that has changed. More and more people are choosing prefab small houses because they offer all the amenities and luxury of a conventional home but at a fraction of the cost. Prefabricated house designs have many other plus points that traditional homes do not provide.

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This article delves into the reasons why prefab homes are better alternatives over stick-built homes or apartments for rent. This will help you in making better choices as you embark on your quest to find the perfect house.


Faster Construction

If you are on a tight schedule, choosing prefab housing designs can help you with your dilemma. Installing the prefab home could take as little as a day for small modern prefab homes. This ensures a faster time in settling in. One-bedroom prefab homes only take a little less than 2 months to be completed in the manufacturing facility. Due to better technology, automation, and teamwork, you get your prefab home to your site for installation in no time.

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Putting together your prefab home on the site only takes a few days. Compared to traditional stick-built homes where delays are often caused by having different sets of contractors working on your house, your prefab home comes ready to assemble from the factory, effectively reducing manufacturing delays. Weather and logistics are no longer issues during construction time either.


Prefab home manufacturers often buy their supplies in bulk so they take less time in manufacturing your modular home. This translates to less overhead costs and downtime. Delays in material procurement are no longer an issue here regardless of whether you are near the manufacturing facility or not.

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Also, modern prefab homes’ costs are determined per square footage; you get an exact idea of how much a prefab house cost simply based on the dimensions. You also save money on construction costs as modular homes are manufactured using an assembly line system which is more efficient.

There are even modern prefab homes that are under 50K. You just have to find the right layout for you and maximize the use of space. As long as you consider these factors, you can live a simple, comfortable, and cost-efficient lifestyle.


Prefab homes are known to be “green” homes. Take a look at this: when you build a traditional home, your contactors need to ship or transport materials daily to your site. Think about the carbon footprint this activity produces as a whole. Compare this to prefab house kits that are shipped or transported to you at one time, the carbon emissions are far lesser.

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Additionally, the best prefab houses are designed to allow natural light and you’d find solar panels and other energy-efficient materials attached to your prefab home. This allows you to save up on your electrical and other utility bills in the long run.

Less Wasteful

Since everything is factory-built and you only need to assemble the homes on-site, there is very little material waste in building modular homes. Affordable modern prefab homes are normally manufactured using recycled products or shipping containers making them even more environment-friendly.

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Prefab manufacturing companies are also more likely to recycle the unused materials produced in manufacturing your home. For example, unused logs and wood are ground into wood chips to be sold or reused in other building projects. Whatever is left as waste can only fill up a 55-gallon trash can.

More Financing Options

Aside from the usual financing options available to any homeowner, a small prefab house buyer can also avail of the financing choices offered by the prefab home manufacturer. In many cases, this manufacturer can even provide you with better financing deals compared to other lenders.

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You can have more favorable financing while also getting the house of your choice. This gives you the freedom to choose a deal that is more suitable for your current financial status.

Better Quality

The best prefab homes of today can compete head to head with standard traditional homes. In fact, some prefab cottages function much better than stick-built houses. The main reason for this is the assembly line setting in prefab home manufacturing facilities. 

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The housing components are built to a tee, ensuring that there are fewer gaps that could lead to issues in insulation. With the intense quality control and fine assembly line, there are fewer chances of the prefab home having flaws. Additionally, the design needs to be structurally sound since it has to be transported to your site. That additional support is not often found in conventional stick-built homes.

Flexibility of Design

Customization is common in prefab housing. You can choose from different kinds of modular home designs, from simple 1 bedroom prefab homes to luxurious villas. You are only limited by your imagination.

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The best part is, many prefab manufacturing firms allow you to fully customize their designs to your liking. Of course, you must also consider the cost of prefab homes because the more you customize, the higher the costs would be.

To Summarize

There are many reasons why prefab homes should be your top choice when building a home. Prefab homes are truly the future of housing. Do you agree? Tell us in the comments below!

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