Prefabricated Homes: Top 4 Manufacturers in China


Whether you are planning on having a 1 bedroom prefab home or a 5 bedroom prefab villa, prefab house manufacturers in China can provide you with the best ones at highly competitive prices. There is a huge market for modular houses in China which means choosing the best prefab home manufacturer can be a daunting task.


This is the reason why we have compiled this list of the best prefabricated house manufacturers and suppliers from China. Read on to know more.

Source: JJC
Source: JJC


Star House prefab house design logo
Source: Star House

Star House is a leading container manufacturing company based in Shanghai that can produce 600 units of small prefab home units a month as well as affordable prefab home kits. The company offers four kinds of products. These are the flat pack container house, the combined container house, the modified container house, and container house accessories.

Star House flat pack container houses can be converted into a 2-bedroom prefab home with a bathroom. Even though this type of small prefab home is made of lightweight construction materials, it can withstand wind resistance of more than 120 km per hour.


  • Storage container homes are stackable
  • Experienced installers


  • The company focuses on shipping container homes
  • Standard storage container homes are only 20 square feet 
  • Limited number of windows per shipping container


UPS prefab home design logo
Source: UPS

Universal Prefabrication Solution or otherwise known as UPS is a prefab home provider for singular and multi-family modular residential houses. Aside from its ISO 900:2008 certification, UPS is also approved by SABS, SIRIM, and QAS. The products offered by the company include container houses, modular houses, construction materials, and sandwich panel houses

The UPS customized prefabricated house design has a roof panel, wall, and flooring which are all made of 94mm foam cement board. The trusses and purlines are made of steel. These prefab housing designs can last for more than 50 years and can withstand snow pressure up to 8219KN/square meters during winter with wind loads up to 180 km per hour. The walls of these UPS small prefab houses can resist up to 500 kg of concentrated force.


  • An extensive line of prefab homes
  • All homes are fireproof


  • Houses can only withstand 180km/hour wind gustiness
  • Only basic decorations are provided
  • No installers to assist on building the house
  • Longer lead times if no raw materials are available in the factory
Moneybox prefab house design logo
Source: Moneybox

Moneybox is a first-class prefab home manufacturer that produces top of the line energy-saving homes. This company is  CE, ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2008 certified. Aside from small prefab homes, Moneybox also produces and ships container houses, light steel villas, portable toilets & sentry boxes, and steel structure houses, among others.

Moneybox prefabricated house plan designs include prefab dormitories, worker camps, prefab offices, and the best prefab houses. You can choose from different sizes, from 1-bedroom modular homes up to larger ones that accommodate more than 5 occupants. Moneybox lead time when building these prefab homes can range from 3 days to a month, depending on the size of the prefab home. The roof tiles can be made of PU or EPS while the flooring can either be plywood of PVC.


  • Short turnaround time
  • Wide prefab home design choices


  • Materials used on the prefab homes are limited  
  • Insulation choices are also limited
  • Longer lead times for customized homes


JJC Logo
Source: JJC

JJC is a container home and prefab home designer, manufacturer and supplier. The company focuses on the promotion of green architecture through its environmentally-friendly container houses and other prefab homes. JJC offers three kinds of prefab houses: the K-Type prefab house, the steel structure prefab villa, and the steel prefab warehouse.

The K type prefab house can be used as dormitories or military buildings as this type of prefab house can be easily assembled and dismantled. Made of recyclable materials, the K Type prefab house can last up to 25 years. On the other hand, the steel structure prefab villa can be customized to any design or layout with free CAD and 3D drawings. Lastly, the steel prefab warehouse runs on green technology. This kind of prefab warehouse can be easily put up since it is made of light and recyclable materials.


  • Wide choice of customizable sizes and designs
  • Competitive price points
  • Materials can withstand extreme temperatures and are anti-corrosive
  • Swift customer service and quick turnaround
  • Free presale consultation with free 3D design and CAD services
  • Raw material testing


  • Limited colors for the K-Type Prefab line
  • No appliances included in the package


There are many prefab home manufacturers in China. These companies create custom-made modular homes of different sizes and designs. What do you think? Did we miss out on some manufacturers? Tell us in the comments below!

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-Romeo Cabacungan

Hi, I am interested to purchase one for myself. I am from Laguna PH. can you also send me details.

– Quotation re: 4 variants of container house;
– Delivery Time to Tanauan City, Batangas, Philippines (less than 1km. away from Star Tollway Exit in Tanauan.
Here is my email:
Highly appreciate your immediate response.


Hi I’m based in Bacolod. I’d like a quote please

Hi. We are a cooperative of pig growers and we are planning to quickly set up a meatshop at one of our locations. Can you quote me for a 20ft container van, with a large service/display window and standard door. The interior will be air-conditioned, equipped with a sink with water supply, wall outlets for freezer, and other equipment. Delivery location: Candelaria, Quezon Province.
Do you have a display showcase where we can view your available stocks or designs. Thank you very much and I look forward to your quick response.
Butch G. Parlade
General Manager

i just want a 3 200meters container, one floor house in a 100square meter lot that can be further expanded with time. I would like a quotations of prices and construction company we can work with. I would appreciate it if you can send me the details at the email I provided. Thank you.

Hi i am thinking to put a container vacation house on our plot in isabella province, as example i saw two 20feet container placed in L shape on top of each other such that i creates shade and patio area. Can your sales representative get in contact with me for budgetary quotes ?

Hi. Please quote for me 2-40 footer high cube container with 2 bedrooms, kitchen and living room. The bathrooms to be built in-situ so we can maximize the container living space. Would appreciate a quick response from your end.

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im planning to but one for my self as well in order to put in my lot in zambales, can you sales rep contact me or provide catalog

dear sirs I am going to build in antequera Bohol are these container homes available there im Australian my lady is pinay I hope to move there next year what would I get for 500.000php budget

Send me a quotation. We are located batangas

I am interested in container house for my lot in Nueva Vizcaya. My order will depend on your prices, can you send me a quote for a 4o footer and a 20 footer?

Hi JJC, i am interested in container house living. Can I do my own design or do you have available designs where I can choose? I would like a quotation for 2 containers at ground level and container for the 2nd level.

Thank you.

can we visit the office? or do you have a model house container where we can visit?

Would you please send pictures of your model prefabricated container homes.

Hi Everyone at JJC. I am a senior citizen dreaming of moving back to bohol island where i was born. My husband and I can no longer afford the physical and financial rqts of putting up a traditionally-constructed home, even if it is just a small one. Our lot in Baclayon is located on the sloping hills, about 3 kms from the town center. Would you be able to help us realize our dream cottage or home with a roof garden and a roof deck to view the sea? We will be very grateful for your assistance. Maaming maraming salamat.

Hi, I’m planning to have a living area as retreat house for my family in Bicol (Camsur area). Around 400 sqM flat and square lot. May I please have a quote including shipment and options that can be cost-efficient? Bare but pre-cut panels would be considered as independent contractors for the interiors and utilities is preferred.


I am exploring the possibility of building a vacation house using your container home concept in my 400sqm lot in Lucap, Pangasinan with a possibility of ordering more for possible transcient use. Can you email me a proposal which includes the following;
1. Pricing (supply, installation, permits)
2. Plans and elevations
3. Specs

Thank you.


Glad i found your website. My family recently moved to Bulacan and I am joining them soon. We are finally settling there but we want to build a shipping container home. We are particular about space and design. I would like to know the cost estimate so we can plan towards it. In fact we already have a sample of the kind of house we want using shipping container.

Maybe that would help you to give a close cost estimate. We are eager to do this and with your expertise and professionalism, we will be able to achieve this huge milestone in our life.

How much the cost of 1 container unit house and its specs coz we are planning to get 9 unit for LGU

Do you guys sell shipping container to Province of Leyte. im interested. thank you

Hello. My name is Lyra and I am from Cebu. I was wondering if it is still possible to make a purchase amidst this pandemic.
My e-mail is

I would like to get prices on container homes in the Philippines. My lady has purchased land in Davao and we would like to live there. I plan to be in Davao some time in the 60 to 90 day time frame. There would be 6 of us in the family. Budget will be 1M to 1.4 M.

Please send me the home designs for a 40 sqm container van and prices.

Please send me designs and cost estimates. Budget 500k and upwards. Lot area: 400 sq.m.

Interested here for prefab or customized shipping container shop. please contact me for more details.

Hi, please send me prices and designs intended for a snall pop-up store.


Hi good day. I am from Buevavista, Guimaras. Can u give me your quotations? My email adds are:

Im very much interested about your container homes. Glad to have one too.


Maryle Tormis Lazan says:
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I want to make a container house of my place 36 square meters my house.. In the dapitan city Mindanao Zamboanga Del Norte I want simple house.. Thanks
Raymond Regala says:
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hi there. Quote for 2 container homes. 1 container with 2 beds and 1 container includes kitchen/laundry and living area. Toilet and bathroom can be included in the middle of 2 bedrooms. Reply to Planning to move by january 2021 or soonest

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