Where to Buy Shipping Container House in the Philippines


Container houses are great for having a home that is not only affordable but also durable. Plus, they are mobile, faster to construct, and provide more freedom for you to create your ideal home regardless of how small or big it is. Prefabricated houses are also becoming a trend in the Philippines as many Filipino families cannot afford the high costs of traditional housing.


If you are one of those people who dream of having their own house in the Philippines but are working on a tight budget, then you are in the right place! Here, we will give you five companies that offer affordable modern prefab home kits.

Prefabricated house kits


1. Smart House

Smart House Logo

Location: Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Main Products

  • Prefab Warehouse & Pre Engineered Buildings
  • Patented Luxury Container House
  • Standard Prefab House
  • Luxury Prefab House
  • Prefab Villa
  • Patented Foldable Container House
  • Prefab Kiosk
  • Cement EPS Panel

About the Company

Smart House is a group of innovators who specialize in providing homes for workers, transients, and families through the application of time-efficient and cost-effective state of the art techniques. The company’s architectural aesthetics and engineering expertise helped them create a prefabricated housing system to address the issues of providing shelter to informal settlers as well as provide easy to construct dormitories, classrooms, and other necessities.

2. Container Living Ph

Container Living Ph Logo

Location: Malate, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines


Main Products

  • Upcycled shipping containers

About the Company

Container Living Ph is a company founded in 2014 by a group of women. They are a design and development firm that is focused on the creation of innovative shelters that are environmentally, financially, and structurally efficient. They upcycle discarded shipping containers and use them as main building materials for commercial and residential construction. Through this, they help in addressing the increasing greenhouse gas emissions caused by the traditional home building process. Container Living Ph first procures used containers and all required construction materials and delivers them on the building site for full prefabrication.

3. Vantaztic Incorporated

Vantaztic Incorporated Logo

Location: Valenzuela City, Metro Manila, Philippines


Main Products

  • Dry Container Van (10 to 45 ft.)
  • Foldable Steel Container Van (40 ft.)
  • Office Van (10, 20 & 40 ft.)
  • Reefer Van (10, 20 & 40 ft.)
  • Container Shower & Ablution (20 & 40 ft.)
  • Open Top
  • Trailer Chassis (20 & 40 ft.)
  • Isotank
  • Generator Set

About the Company

Vantaztic Incorporated is a supplier of premium-quality, ISO certified dry vans established in 2010. They have a professional team of architectural designers and engineers to fast track their services into the creation of special prefabricated containers. Vantaztic was able to gain its place in the container industry in the Philippines and surpassed its competitors by introducing contemporary ideas in the field of container design and application such as modular offices, mobile stores, ablution vans, and housing.

4. Indigo Prefab House

Indigo Prefab House Logo

Location: Binondo, Manila, Philippines

Main Products:

  • Prefab Container House
  • Prefab Warehouse
  • Prefab Log House
  • Aircraft Hangar Steel Structure
  • Sandwich Panels
  • Food Kiosk

About the Company

Established in 2006, Indigo Prefab House is an enterprise focused on the design, manufacture, market, and construction of high-quality steel structures, container houses, and prefabricated housing. The company’s pre-engineered buildings are customizable making them ideal for manufacturing, warehousing, truck terminals, commercial buildings, bus terminals, shipping terminals, gymnasiums, sports arenas, agriculture warehouses, steel garages, industrial, and commercial metal buildings.

5. JJC

Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Main Products:

  • Container Houses
  • Detachable Flat Pack Container House
  • Foldable Container House
  • Detachable Shipping Container House
  • Detachable Container House
  • Prefab Houses
  • Portable Bathrooms
  • Sandwich Panels

About the Company

Guangzhou Jinzhao Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd (JJC ENTERPRISE CO., LTD) is a manufacturer and supplier of competitively-priced weather-resistant container houses in China. It was founded in 2014 and they exhibit regularly at the Canton Fair. JJC provides innovative and aesthetic solutions suitable for every customer’s architectural needs even in the most versatile applications. The company’s experienced technicians, researchers, and engineers help JJC guarantee their product’s quality to ensure that you receive long-lasting and environmentally-friendly architectures.

Cost of Container Homes in the Philippines

The cost of prefab container homes will depend on their size. An unconverted 20-foot container itself can cost you from PHP 60,000 to PHP 100,000 while 40-foot containers from PHP 100,000 to PHP 120,000. For shipping containers that are already converted, the price ranges from PHP 150,000 to PHP 200,000 depending on the design.


Looking for a reliable manufacturer and supplier of a good-quality container home in the Philippines might be a little bit challenging because there are only a few companies in the industry. However, this list of suppliers will help you choose a container home that matches your needs and budget. Before you buy your own container home, learn the dos and don’ts of how to buy a container house.

Recent Blog

I have 500 sq meters in Green Valley,Bagiuo, Philippines. I was planning on building a house there but I happen to come across your website. I am familiar with container homes as it always interested me but was only recently aware that there companies here in the Pinas that specializes in them. I thought it was only available in the States and Europe. I want to put a two story container home wit the downstairs 3 containers and upstairs 2 containers with an outside balcony area. Please contact me via e-mail to discuss options and prices. Thank you
-Romeo Cabacungan
E-mail: romeylord@gmail.com

Hi, I am interested to purchase one for myself. I am from Laguna PH. can you also send me details.

Hi I’m based in Bacolod. I’d like a quote please

Hi. We are a cooperative of pig growers and we are planning to quickly set up a meatshop at one of our locations. Can you quote me for a 20ft container van, with a large service/display window and standard door. The interior will be air-conditioned, equipped with a sink with water supply, wall outlets for freezer, and other equipment. Delivery location: Candelaria, Quezon Province.
Do you have a display showcase where we can view your available stocks or designs. Thank you very much and I look forward to your quick response.
Butch G. Parlade
General Manager

i just want a 3 200meters container, one floor house in a 100square meter lot that can be further expanded with time. I would like a quotations of prices and construction company we can work with. I would appreciate it if you can send me the details at the email I provided. Thank you.

Hi i am thinking to put a container vacation house on our plot in isabella province, as example i saw two 20feet container placed in L shape on top of each other such that i creates shade and patio area. Can your sales representative get in contact with me for budgetary quotes ?

Hi. Please quote for me 2-40 footer high cube container with 2 bedrooms, kitchen and living room. The bathrooms to be built in-situ so we can maximize the container living space. Would appreciate a quick response from your end.

Thank you.


im planning to but one for my self as well in order to put in my lot in zambales, can you sales rep contact me or provide catalog

dear sirs I am going to build in antequera Bohol are these container homes available there im Australian my lady is pinay I hope to move there next year what would I get for 500.000php budget

Send me a quotation. We are located batangas

I am interested in container house for my lot in Nueva Vizcaya. My order will depend on your prices, can you send me a quote for a 4o footer and a 20 footer?

Hi JJC, i am interested in container house living. Can I do my own design or do you have available designs where I can choose? I would like a quotation for 2 containers at ground level and container for the 2nd level.

Thank you.

can we visit the office? or do you have a model house container where we can visit?

Would you please send pictures of your model prefabricated container homes.

Hi Everyone at JJC. I am a senior citizen dreaming of moving back to bohol island where i was born. My husband and I can no longer afford the physical and financial rqts of putting up a traditionally-constructed home, even if it is just a small one. Our lot in Baclayon is located on the sloping hills, about 3 kms from the town center. Would you be able to help us realize our dream cottage or home with a roof garden and a roof deck to view the sea? We will be very grateful for your assistance. Maaming maraming salamat.

Hi, I’m planning to have a living area as retreat house for my family in Bicol (Camsur area). Around 400 sqM flat and square lot. May I please have a quote including shipment and options that can be cost-efficient? Bare but pre-cut panels would be considered as independent contractors for the interiors and utilities is preferred.


I am exploring the possibility of building a vacation house using your container home concept in my 400sqm lot in Lucap, Pangasinan with a possibility of ordering more for possible transcient use. Can you email me a proposal which includes the following;
1. Pricing (supply, installation, permits)
2. Plans and elevations
3. Specs

Thank you.


Glad i found your website. My family recently moved to Bulacan and I am joining them soon. We are finally settling there but we want to build a shipping container home. We are particular about space and design. I would like to know the cost estimate so we can plan towards it. In fact we already have a sample of the kind of house we want using shipping container.

Maybe that would help you to give a close cost estimate. We are eager to do this and with your expertise and professionalism, we will be able to achieve this huge milestone in our life.

How much the cost of 1 container unit house and its specs coz we are planning to get 9 unit for LGU

Do you guys sell shipping container to Province of Leyte. im interested. thank you

Hello. My name is Lyra and I am from Cebu. I was wondering if it is still possible to make a purchase amidst this pandemic.
My e-mail is lyralee.00300@gmail.com

Please send me the home designs for a 40 sqm container van and prices.

Please send me designs and cost estimates. Budget 500k and upwards. Lot area: 400 sq.m.

Interested here for prefab or customized shipping container shop. please contact me for more details.

Hi, please send me prices and designs intended for a snall pop-up store.


Hi good day. I am from Buevavista, Guimaras. Can u give me your quotations? My email adds are:

Im very much interested about your container homes. Glad to have one too.


I want to make a container house of my place 36 square meters my house.. In the dapitan city Mindanao Zamboanga Del Norte I want simple house.. Thanks

hi there. Quote for 2 container homes. 1 container with 2 beds and 1 container includes kitchen/laundry and living area. Toilet and bathroom can be included in the middle of 2 bedrooms.

Reply to jakeregala29@gmail.com

Planning to move by january 2021 or soonest

I am looking at costing for a young woman from Bicol region in the Philippines that has had her rented home torn apart by the latest typhoon.
She lives in wet damp conditions with what walls are left made of tarpaulin and part of her roof missing and no door so everything is open. Currently no.power.
I help her with food but my budget is limited.

And yet they still expect her to pay rent.
Her form of income has been jeopardised by this tragedy of life. She has 2 kids of ages 2 and 4 and is in a sad state of affairs. What can you do you help?

This is interesting. Can I get a quotation? Details are below. Thanks! 🙂

Hi I’m interested, can you pls quote me for 2 bedrooms or can you contact me in my email pls

hi im interested for 2 bedrooms made of container.. kindly send me quote please on my email.

Good day… I am interested with this kindly contact me with my email. Thanks

I am interested in buying 6 20ft High cube container. Please send me the quote on my email.

Hi sir/mam

Good day… Can i get a notation? I am interested with this kindly contact me with my email. Thanks

Hi! Will it be alright to also ask for a quotation preferably kiosk type, it is for a small family business in the province. Thank you very much!

Good day,

Planning for a dormitory set up in Surigao city.

If available, kindly contact me via phone or email.


Hi. I am Elmer. I am one of those hundreds who are interested to own a house made of ship containers. Plesse give me a qoutation of a 150 sq. Meters ( 10×15) two story house. I have 300 sq mtrs lot in Bugallon. Pangasinan.
Thanks and I appreciate so much.

Hi we are from laguna and is interested in getting a 2br with1tb container van to be delivered here. Would need all details from delivery to specifications of the container.

Hi we are from Quezon City

We are interested in getting a 2br with1tb, receiving area and dining area made of container van. Ready made. Would need all details from delivery to specifications of the container.

Good day! I am looking for a company that builds house out of container van, the area of the house I am planning to have is 100 square meters and two stories. Can you give me info. Thank you.

I want immediate supply of 40 footer standard and high cube container van..please reply or text and call 09365574600

jjchouses address is in Guangzhou, Guangdong China, does it also means there is an office in The Philippines? Will it be better to build the design in Guangzhou and then have it shipped to The Philippines? I can see that building it here in China is much cheaper but I have a very little knowledge on how much the taxes will be at the port of Manila. I am eyeing on a 6 x 40ft container home. Please give me information this. Thanks.

Interested here..please I need more info,thanks

Hi, I’m exploring this option for commercial spaces. I need more information on this.

Hello name are Jordan want pre fab house call 6144060422 or Ashley 6144060422. jordanstein974@gmail.com


I live near San Pablo Laguna and am planning on buying a 40ft container home.

Can you contact me please to discuss what is available and the prices please? Also, I would like to know if I can have one put underground and perhaps have it covered in fiberglass first to prevent it rusting.


Please email me a quote for a one 40-ft container and a 20-ft one. If it’s possible, would you able to quote me for both converted and unconverted ones.

Thank you!

Hi I have a 400 sqm commercial lot near Silang-Tagaytay Road. I am seriously considering transferring my soap making business there. So I am looking at 2 40-ft container vans at ground level for the soap mixing and storage, and 2 20- ft container vans at the 2nd level for accomodation. Can you add trussed roofing for the 2nd level What are the minimum requirements for setting up the container vans? Please include quotes for converted and non-converted vans. Also, after these consecutive lockdowns, is it possible to visit your office so I can clearly explain my requirements. Thanks for your prompt reply.

Hi, my bf and i will tie the knot, but before we do, we wanted to have our own house.
quotation please for 20ft and 40ft container house.. ty

We are interested in container van house. I would greatly appreciate if you can send me more details and info please.
We have a 95 square meter plot/land with commercial residential Title in Tuba, Benguet, Baguio City, along Marcos Hi-way road.

We wanted to have a 2 40′ container house as our retirement haven.

Kindly email me please with your offer / options how much it will cost us.

Thank you and appreciate your reply.

Alma Sioco
Dubai, UAE

I am interested in buying a 2 bedroom, with living and dining room plus 1TB. Please send me the details/specs (tech and commercial) of the container.

– Olan (Pampanga)

hi, Im planning to put up a 2 storey commercial container space (5 commercial space on the ground floor and 4 commercial space on the top floor) on a 136 sqm lot area.
Pls send me a quotation.
Thank you.

Hi, going to retire in Mauban, Qeuzon Province and we are interested in two forty foot fully functional box container home with AC, running water and sewage system. Please send us quote

Hello, I’m planning to build a container house. Can you please send me more details or samples of containers houses that you’ve done? Please kindly send through my mail.

Hi, I’m interest on purchasing a container house. Can you email me a quotation.

Hi i am interested with container home

Can I have a quote for a 20ftr, do u customize ? Thank you.

Am planning to build a container home. Kindly provide me with a quote of ur 20 n 40 foot containers. Tnx

I am looking for a 20ft container for a home I don’t have much money, the cheapest design will have to do


My fiancé and I just bought a 200sqm lot in Davao and are considering a container home. We are looking for 3 bedrooms and at least 2 CR. I want 2 bedrooms downstairs with CR and master bedroom and CR upstairs with a small office area. Want the house to be approx 150sqm.
Chris Lambersky
Dark Star Industries LLC

Hello, I’m interested into this kind of Van house. I wish I can have a best price. It would be a great gift for my Parents. Their house had been washed out by Typhoon. Can you please give a Quotation of standard Container Van house. By the way I’m from Catanduanes.

Can I get some information on sea container homes in the Philippines.
Like prices, designs and shipping cost. Can they be used in Pagsanjan?

Hi we’re planning on investing in a water refilling station in mangaldan, pangasinan. We are required of 25sqm but planning to purchase a shipping container with a 40sqm x 80sqm. How much will it be together with the delivery fee?

Hi, I am an ofw and our house in Batangas is still pending for expansion. I can provide a photo of the unfinished portion where I will request you to provide a design and quotations using containerized concepts. Thank you in advance.

Hi I would like to inquire about the the container house. My required house would consist of 2bedroom, 1 bathroom, 2 storey that can also cater a solar panel. My place is in Sorsogon.

I have plan to by land on 2nd week of february, 2022. I want to have ready made container elevated house that can deliver at site in immediate time. Can I have quote and design to choose. It will be located in lopez quezon. I want to know also the cost of transport from your site.


Planning to buy a 2 units of a 20-footer container van but on a Pay later Scheme Mode (Btw, is there a company giving such flexiterms?).

Our location is at Doña Remedios Trinidad, Bulacan.

Hoping to hear from a company that can cater and suits our budget.

Thank you.

Hi iam aware of container house and iam really interested kindly please give a quotation for one bedroom,bathroom and a kitchen just for one person .iam from Cagayan Valley is there any possible you build there thank kindly please send the detail in my email address thank you krizzieh@yahoo.com if you have catalog of different tiny house build with container I would love to see it thank you and hoping to here from you soon

I am interested on 2 of 40 ft container for 2 bedroom unit, living room, restroom. Pls give me the quotation. Thanks

I’m interested. can you send me quotes for 20-ft, 1br, 1t&b, kitchen with roofdeck? I’m from Nueva Vizcaya. thank you.

Hi. Will you kindly email me details, designs and quotations. I’m from Batangas City. Thanks.

I am interested for a 2 bedrooms loft type container house complete with bathroom and kitchen if there is any. Kindly provide a quotation and a sample photos of it.

I am interested for a 2 bedrooms loft type container house complete with bathroom and kitchen if there is any.

Hi im interested to buy converted container can u u email me?

I need a conrainer for a 2 storey, 2 bedroom home. I live in Holy
spirit Quezon City. can I go to your office or can an aent come to see me ?

I’m interested in putting extensions in my house I want a 2 20 footer garage patio ground floor and guest ro suite second floor. Please send me the cost . Thanks Reggie.

Hi we’re planning to build a vacation house in our farm lot in Pangasinan. Can you send me house plans for 2 40’ containers, thanks

Hi, i would like to qoute, we have a 100 sqm lot

Would like to request a quote for 2 floors using high cubic 40ft.

I need this asap. I already have a design in mind

Hi we are planning to build a vacation house in Dinalungan, Aurora. Can you send me house plans for 2 bedrooms container house with bathroom if there is any. Kindly provide a quotation and a sample photos of it.

Hi there, I just wanted to inquire about a shipping container that can be converted into a tiny home. Thanks, Ed

Hi SIr,
I think I can help you with your inquiry,
Can I get your Gmail sir?

Please provide a quote for sale used container.
Here’s the details I’m looking for
> 20ft standard container
> good quality – not brand new but hardly used
> storage quality – no holes, no rust
> strong security locks
> deliver at site in Tarlac, Philippines

Hi! jjc, my location is in Madrid Surigao del. I have a little grocery store. I am planning to have another extention of room which have a toilet and shower, a living room. Two bedroom. The area size is 6meter by 9 meter how much is the cost?Could you pls. Send me some of your house example?

Good day! I am planning to build a house located in Romblon. Kindly provide me the basic/standard models to choose from together with quotation and a sample photos.
Big thnx in advance.

Hi there i came across with your website i am looking to purchace a c can house or i guess you call it pre fab houses i am looking for 2 40ft c can house
Please can contact me asap


Can you give me quote for a 20ft container and 40ft container. Target location is Pangasinan

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