Top 6 Prefabricated Homes in California


California has one of the highest populations in the United States. With its diverse culture, climate and geography, many people find the Golden State the ideal place to reside. But with the high cost of living, it’s quite expensive to build a traditional home. Aside from renting a place, many people opt to have small, modern prefab homes since prefab housing costs are relatively lower than renting or building a stick-build home.

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This article provides you with the best modular home designs available in California. These prefab housing designs are categorized according to the number of bedrooms available in the base design.


2-Bedroom Prefab Homes in California

The two-bedroom modular house kits are suitable for the newly-weds, couples who are planning to start a family or small families. Prefab homes of this type allow your family to have plenty of space and are small enough to maintain and afford. Two-bedroom prefab house plans can also include design details you’d find in larger homes.

2 bedroom prefab house
Source : Method Homes
M+ prefab home layout
Source : Method Homes

The Model M+ is the expanded version of the Model M Series by Method Homes. The M Series small prefab house plans are adaptable to any site and location. The M+ modular cost can vary between $192,150 to $210,000. The M+ prefabricated house plans offer several master suite configurations. You can customize this to have a laundry room or a walkout deck. This model has 2 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms. The deck area can be maximized up to 450 square feet. Consisting of two modules, the M+ Series by Method homes is a 1000 square foot prefab house.

The Connect 4T is designed for people who have narrow plots in urban areas or for those who prefer to live near the oceanfront. With a total floor area of 1280 square feet, this two-bedroom prefab home has a hippie vibe with its open-concept communal living design. The ground floor is wide enough for entertaining guests who would find it convenient to have the nearest bathroom downstairs.

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Source : Connect Homes
Connect 4T floor plan
Source : Connect Homes

Head upstairs to the second floor and you’d find the spacious master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom. The second bathroom is also ensuite, and the bedroom is convertible to a nursery. You can also upgrade this small prefab house to accommodate a wrap-around  deck for more space. The Connect 4T estimated cost is $354,147.

3 Bedroom Prefab Homes in California

A three-bedroom prefab house offers more space than small prefab homes. An extra bedroom can be converted to an extra storage space or a home office. This prefab home is suitable for a young family with one child and another on the way. A prefab small house with three bedrooms can become an affordable option if you want to have roommates.

The C6 Series is part of the affordable modern prefab homes range offered by LivingHomes, the same company that offers luxury prefab homes. The C6.1 model is a full amenity prefab home that comes with a spacious master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom and 2 bedrooms with an adjoining bathroom.

C6.1 prefab house design
Source :Living Homes
C6 prefab home floor plan
Source : Living Homes

This single-story 3 bedroom prefab house has a total floor area of 1288 square feet. The complete estimate for C6.1 is about $438,520, which includes permits, delivery, site preparation, and installation. A standard design comes with a learning thermostat from Nest, an energy monitoring system from CurrentCost EnviR, and kitchen appliances from GE.

Breezehouse 2100 is a signature prefab home offered by bluHomes. This prefab house design comes with the signature Breezespace concept that seamlessly combines the airy and spacious interiors and the natural beauty of the outdoors. The basic design is 2,140 square feet and costs around $545,000.

three bedroom prefab home
Source : BluHomes
Breezehouse floor plan
Source : Breezehouse floor plan

This prefab home comes with three spacious bedrooms, each with an ensuite bath. Wide glass windows and doors provide just the right amount of privacy and scenery. This prefab home has multiple flooring and countertop options. The standard design comes with a flat roof but this can be upgraded to the butterfly style.

4 Bedroom Prefab Homes in California

4 bedroom prefab homes are suitable for the growing family of three or for someone who loves entertaining large crowds in their homes. In the long run, 4 bedroom prefab houses offer more quality and become more marketable when appraised. Also, more rooms mean more areas the owner can tweak according to the design he/she wants. 

Phoebe is one of the best prefab homes Cutting Edge Homes offers. This prefab house features a two-story design with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. The room on the first floor and the master bedroom on the second floor have ensuite bathrooms. This house has more than 2200 square feet of floor plan.

two story prefab home
Source: Phoebe
Phoebe floor plan
Source: Phoebe
Phoebe floor plan
Source: Phoebe

The insulation used on the floor is R30 while the one on the ceiling is R38. On the other hand, the 2” x 6” exterior walls are equipped with R19 insulation. All drawers in this prefab home have a soft-close design. This prefab home is solar-ready with its 200 Amp solar-electrical panel with exterior shut-off.

Cedar Canyon is one of the most popular modular home designs offered by Kit Custom Builders. This prefab home features four bedrooms with three bathrooms, all within the 2,242 square foot space. It includes a master retreat room and a family room, among others. The insulation on the ceiling is R-50, the floor, R-30, and the wall R-21.

Kit prefab house design
Source : Kitwest
Kit Cedar Canyon floor plan
Source : Kitwest

This home has a 2×4 interior wall with 36” insulated fiberglass front doors, which can be customized in almond, clay or white colors. The cabinetry in the kitchen is made of natural wood. Other kitchen features include dual control faucets, a 30” electric range and a 21” frost-free refrigerator with ice maker.

To Summarize

California prefab homes are top of the line. There are many manufactured home designs you can choose depending on your needs. What do you think? Can you suggest some more prefab home designs? Tell us in the comments below.

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