Prefab Homes: Designs You Need to Check in Oregon


As the year 2020 hits, the Oregon housing trade is quoted as one of the best worth investing when it comes to state markets. One of the main reasons is the thriving traditional and Airbnb investment in the area. So if you want to strike while the iron is hot, why not aspire to be a real estate investor and get paid through rental incomes?

Modern Tiny Prefab Home
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Steel Structure Prefab Villa
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You can start up by getting prefab homes that are easy to set up in less than a week. What is more, there are one-stop-shop home builders that cater to everything you might need for your property. And the fun part? They are reasonably priced, plus there are various models and styles to choose from – from tiny houses up to bigger ones.


Here is a list of prefab homes in Oregon that you will surely consider as a good investment because of remarkable home designs and contemporary structures.


Tiny Prefab Homes in Oregon

Let’s face it, millennials fad to minimalism – including house features. So if your target market is the millennials who crave for their ideals of going minimal, then a tiny prefab home is an excellent start-up of your business. Tiny prefab homes intend to maximize every space available in the house. This is to appear spacious and pleasant, even if it accommodates only a bedroom and just the needed things to keep the house functional.

The Emerald Mini Home, available for $190,000, has two loft spaces that sum up vast livable space in its 430 square footage floor plan. The main floor includes the living and kitchen space plus a bathroom area. The open living room and kitchen space exude a cozy vibe to live in. Furthermore, the separate loft areas are accessible through the stairs that present a bedroom and an additional space for bare essentials.


On the other hand, the exterior features aluminum window frames with a two-toned siding fusion of tongue and groove, natural colored wood, and Taupe corrugated metal sliding. Metal-covered aluminum outdoor lights are attached to complement the doorstep and windows. 

Emerald Mini Home
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The Minibox spaces 430 square feet prefab with one bedroom and one bathroom. The exterior is furnished with painted fiber cement board, batten siding, and painted windows. Indeed, this is an excellent design for an accessory dwelling unit, and surprisingly, you can get this for only $135,000! You can consider this as an ideal place for guests, backyard retreats, or can even serve for college kids as an apartment.

Minibox Prefab Home
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Minibox Prefab Home Floor Plan
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Two-story Prefab Homes in Oregon

If your aim for growing families as your market, then a two-story prefab home is perfect. What makes it great is that the expansion of the house is horizontal rather than vertical. Hence, whether your parcel land is small, you can surely fit a big family into such prefab house type. 

The Summer Meadows model is a two-story prefab home that occupies 1,527 square footage. It accentuates 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and 2 car garages. You can have this starting at $156,900 only, which is a great deal! Surprisingly, you, as a client, can request customization for every part of the house. You may check with the home builder about other options that you may want to change, like the exterior or interior coatings.

Summer Meadows Prefab Home
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Summer Meadows Main Floor Plan
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Summer Meadows Upper Floor Plan
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Small Multi-Family Prefab Homes in Oregon

A small multi-family prefab home is a type of housing where dwellers are contained within one building that is comprised of one up to four units only. These multi-unit residential homes can be funded through mortgages and be listed in Multiple Listing Service (MLS) together with single-family homes. This is a high real estate investment because you aim for more than one home occupancy. And as the population grows in Oregon, aside from the increasing tourist visits, the demand for housing solutions is more prominent than ever.

Mods is a famous prefab home manufacturer in the northern part of Portland. The company already made numerous apartment buildings for the city. An example is this multi-family project where each floor is 3,000 square feet and divided into three modular units that end up being a thousand square feet each.


The windows are made with exterior insulation, and both doors and windows have mitigated seals. The sliding windows complemented each unit’s paned doors, spacious porch, and metal-sheathed balcony.

Prefab Apartment Building
Source: Mods


And that is the end of our prefab home list to check out the home-builders in Oregon. Did you enjoy checking each house’s features? Which prefab home type do you consider as an excellent real estate investment? Please share your ideas with us by posting your comments below.

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