Prefab Homes: Ideal Home Designs in Texas


Are you planning to settle in Texas? If yes, then you will be living in one of the country’s most populated state. It is no wonder that the house manufacturing trade in this region, particularly prefab homes, is flourishing. Prefab homes are structured dwellings that are made off-site in advance, and then shipped by sections to the building location for assembly in less than a week.

Steel structure prefab villa
Source: JJC

If you prefer to reside in cities like Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, or others, there are builders of prefab homes in Texas that can help your dream come true. You can find various selections of prefab home designs and floor plans offered by these manufacturers and suppliers. Below is a list of structural home designs popular in Texas to give you some ideas on how to design your prefab home.


Tiny Prefab Homes in Texas

If you are a millennial, who likes to go minimal by preferring a small house with one-bedroom only to place your bare necessities, then you might want to check out the available tiny prefab homes in Texas. Tiny prefab homes’ goal is to maximize every space on the structure and bring out the home’s contemporary features. These cute dwellings stand for downsizing one’s lifestyle, besides fulfilling life without a huge mortgage or debt.

The Tumbleweed is spaced at 399 square feet, and its exterior manifests a dollhouse feature with a roomy front porch that is lovely, classic, and timeless. The large kitchen will welcome you once you get inside – including a complete set of appliances plus some cabinet space for additional storage.

Tumbleweed tiny home
Source: Pratt Homes
Tumbleweed tiny house floor plan
Source: Pratt Homes

The kitchen area extends to the living room space, and underneath the loft sets the bathroom and bedroom. Not to mention the multiple windows that will let you experience how natural sunlight can add up to the spacious vibe of the house. Pratt Homes’ prefab houses range from $70-$100 per square feet. This tiny home is available at $39,900 as an all-in cost estimate, excluding land cost.

The cozy studio home is a tiny eco-friendly home manufactured by Small House Solutions. They provide a one-stop-shop service for prefab and modular homes in Austin, Texas that covers from designing to building up until assembling and landscaping.

Cozy 300 SF Studio Home - Interior View 1
Source: Small House Solutions
Cozy 300 SF Studio Home - Interior View 1
Source: Small House Solutions
Cozy 300 SF Studio Home - Interior View 2
Source: Small House Solutions

The 300 square feet prefab home is built with small fixed windows, a big glazed one across a double-hung window. As you enter, a small dining table with chairs will fill your gaze, followed by a small kitchen area. On the left side is a queen-sized bed paralleled to work or study table. There’s also a back door alongside the bathroom space.  This home is best if you want to unwind and seek relaxation because it strikes a warm and cushy vibe that makes it an ideal vacation home type.

Cottage Prefab Homes in Texas

If you want a bit bigger than a tiny prefab home, then a cottage style might grab your interest. A lot of people associate cottage style homes with small beach houses. Although several beach homes offer a cottage house sensation, cottage prefab homes have perks for domestic dwellings as well. Cottage prefab home designs typically have authentic and casual furnishings infused with aesthetic lines. Home designers usually mix soft colors to match with home accessories that provide a vintage vibe.

Rosemary Cottage sets out a vintage scene through its exterior design. It showcases graceful lines, scaled-design roof, and double-hung windows. The color combination from the porch to house interior exudes a classical but homey feeling.

Rosemary Cottage by Modular Homes of America is presented in two variants:

  • Rosemary Cottage Plan One

It has a heated 1800 square feet with an accumulated total of 2040 square feet, composed of 3 bedrooms and a bathroom.

Rosemary Cottage Floorplan 1
Source: Modular Homes of America
  • Rosemary Cottage Plan Two

It has a heated 1800 square feet with an accumulated total of 2040 square feet. Since this is bigger than the first model, it has an additional bathroom.

Rosemary Cottage Layout
Source: Modular Homes of America

Small Multi-family Prefab Homes in Texas

Small multi-family prefab homes can be a one up to four-unit home. They are cost-efficient, quick to build, and aesthetically pleasing. These multi-unit homes can be funded through consumer mortgages and can be categorized on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) together with single-family homes. As the population continues to grow in Texas, the need for dense, sustainable, and affordable housing solutions is more significant than ever. Fortunately, home builders are already working to support the increasing housing demand.

The Quintero multi-unit home can serve as either mixed-use housing or residential. This is accessible not only in Texas, but also in Louisiana, East Coast, and some Western States. Each unit is a two-story-high building that is complemented with an accessible rooftop ideal for private parties and events.


Also, each floor is comprised of a bedroom, bathroom, and spacious room for the living, dining, and kitchen area. Whether you are looking for an excellent real estate investment to generate steady income or seeking a property to accommodate your growing family, this model is worth a shot.

Quintero Multi-Family Prefab Home Unit
Source: Modular Homes of America


This completes the list of ideal prefab homes found in the state of Texas. Which type of prefab house did you find interesting? We would like to hear your insights in the comments below.

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