Container House: A Comprehensive Buying Guide


Aside from being affordable housing choices, container homes offer a lot of benefits including adaptability, durability, sustainability, and fast installation. Because of these benefits, people who are opting for these types of housing are increasing worldwide. Unlike permanent traditional homes, contemporary container houses also make relocation possible and easier without spending a lot of money.

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Since you came across this blog, we assume that these benefits have also attracted you. But if you are just a newbie in the container housing world and are uncertain where you should start when buying one then read on. Here are the most important tips on how to buy a container house to help you create your ideal container home.


1. Research On Your Local Building Regulations

Every city has its own rules and regulations regarding the construction of container homes, regardless of what country you are in. These regulations include how you should design, build, change or maintain the container house you are planning to have. Make sure that you are familiar with the insurance information and legal constraints before you start building one.

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2. Understand Your Container House’s Structure

It is important that you understand the structural features of your container house. Ensure that you allocate budget for the amenities of your home such as electrical wiring, plumbing, and kitchen hook-ups. Though you will also find some container house manufacturers who will provide lighting and bath fixtures, most will not offer these basic amenities.

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3. Explore Your Customization Options

Modifying the container on your own might be difficult depending on how your container is constructed. Explore the different options offered by different container house manufacturers. Although container homes can be stylish, you can only create an appealing one if you buy from the right manufacturer who can offer options that suit your personal preferences.

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4. Plan for Simplicity

It is always good to start simple if you are not yet that experienced and confident in building a container house. You can go into more complex designs in the future once you have gained enough experience. Container houses are versatile so you can easily upgrade them and add more rooms or floors later if you want to.

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5. Consider Energy Efficiency

While container houses employ sustainable construction techniques, do not expect that the final output is always efficient. Opt for container houses with excellent wall insulation and energy-efficient windows. These will help you save on your energy bills in the long run.

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6. Choose the Right Insulation

Plan what type of insulation you are going to choose thoroughly. Container houses will usually have spray foam insulation because these can prevent moisture from entering your home aside from insulating it. The only disadvantage is that these types of foam are more expensive compared to insulation panels.

For more information on this matter, please check our guide on how to insulate a shipping container.


7. Plan Well & Track All Expenses

You should plan your container house well, especially if you only have a limited budget. Take your time in planning the amount of money you are willing to spend on your home along with the various construction elements. This makes sure that you will not encounter any surprises in the process. It is also good to track all of your expenses to prevent overspending.

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8. Finalize Your Design & Stick To It

Each cut you do on your container will require time to construct again and this can be costly. If possible, minimize the cuts and welding you will be doing to avoid complicating the construction aside from saving on costs. When you choose a design, make sure that you stick to it.

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9. Compare Your Warranty Options

It is good to know your warranty options to prevent unnecessary expenses starting from the delivery of your containers. Compare the warranties of your chosen manufacturers. Some will only offer warranties for manufacturing flaws while others will also include accidental damages.

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10. Look Into Your Financing Options

After you have explored the difference between the style, hidden costs, and features between different container houses, look into your financing options. Most banks allow loans for building container houses.

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11. Choose a Single Container Manufacturer

Buying from a single manufacturer for the containers you will be using in your home ensures that you will not have any problems during the construction, especially on future upgrades. Choosing different manufactures might cause incompatibility issues because of the slight differences in container dimensions.

If you happen to be looking, you may be interested in checking our list of top companies that offer shipping container homes in the Philippines.

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12. See the Containers Before You Buy

It is highly recommended that you check out the actual containers yourself before you buy them. Make sure that what is promised by the manufacturer will be exactly what you will get. Keep an eye on the exact sizes and materials.

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13. Find a Good Contractor

Look for a contractor who will be able to help you in the whole process – both in the modification of the containers and in the construction of the interior. Choosing a good contractor can make the assembly process smooth and kinks can be ironed out along the way.

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To Summarize

Though building container homes is not easy, we hope that this blog was able to help you get started. You can do your research on shipping container house manufacturers around your area and learn how to design your container house prior to buying one. But, if you want a container housing manufacturer that can help you through the whole process, you can rely on JJC’s affordable and durable container houses.

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I am interested in putting up a container house to install in my land. It will be used for rental purposes. Please can you give me details as to how much containers are in different sizes. How fast can you deliver? Do you sell all over the Philippines and UK? Is tax included on the price? Kindly advise.

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