sea container homes

Sea container homes into the housing market new darling

Forget the brick cement! Now the sea container homes are the new darling of the Australian housing market. Their construction costs cheaper than ordinary houses, but also assembled than the traditional house more quickly, no wonder they will get to buy a house of the heart.

The JJC shipping container homes for sale is a company that specializes in transforming shipping 40 container, 20 feet container into houses, cafes and offices, according to a report in the June 19 report. Jamie Van Tongeren, the company’s chief executive, has witnessed an increasing demand for this trendy home. He says buyers include people who want to place a granny flat in the backyard, and first-time homebuyers who want to climb the real estate ladder.

Brad Lyons, director of marketing for shipping container homes cost Homes Designer Domain, a Sydney-based prefab shipping container homes, says customers also include baby boomers that want to stay away from cities and find cheaper housing.

Rural areas are popular because those areas are plentiful and cheap, but Lynes says there are also containerized housing built in suburbs and CBD centers.

Although some people may like the simple feeling, but the recovery of shipping container cabin built with the house is not necessarily simple.

“We can install these 180,000 prefab shipping container homes for sale next to a million mansions, and you will not notice the difference,” says Lynes, “and you can take it very high and we can build hotels.”

For a person looking for the cheapest housing option, it takes only two hours to assemble a student residence.

Shipping containers homes for sale installation process does not produce construction waste, the environment is friendlier, will not cause damage to the environment. At the same time, all the freight container housing in the factory to complete, a high degree of industrialization, more energy conservation, can make full use of energy. In addition, most of the container homes cost material is steel, can digest part of the current excess domestic steel production capacity, but also better recycling, will not become a construction waste damage to the environment, do not have to encroach on land because of construction waste.